Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pile of Picture Books

I love when new boxes of books arrive fresh from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Baker and Taylor.  Here a few new books I discovered this week that are soon to be program favorites. 

Lion vs. Rabbit by Alex Lattimer is laugh out loud funny.  The animals of the jungle are sick and tired of Lion and his bullying ways, but who can stop him?  Rabbit answers their advertisement for a troubleshooter but can little rabbit outsmart a ferocious lion?  Hmmm. 

Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud is sweet and soothing like honey.  A small bear goes out into the night in search of a snack.  Can Papa Bear find him and safely bring him back to the den?  

Pig on a Hill by John Kelly  Pig enjoys his solitary life on the hill and is more than a little put out when duck moves in and turns Pig's quiet life upside down.  

Three great new picture books for your library collection and to enhance any preschool storytime.  Enjoy! 

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