Sunday, June 29, 2014

A boat load of Picture Books!

There have been a lot of great picture books coming across my desk over that last few months!  

I have been already using some of these in programs, storytime and class visits.  
Here are a few! 

 Have You Seen My New Blue Socks?  Written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier, my favorite new illlustrator! 

The rhyming hunt for Duck's missing socks is very funny and will delight both young and old.  Fortunately there is a happy ending!  

 Hooray for Hat! Written by Brian Won is a great story of friendship.  Elephant wakes up grumpy. Who can't relate to that?  He is quickly cheered up by a hat and wants to share his joy!  Proof that happiness can be contagious! 

Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli

Sam is number one at being number one.  What happens when he doesn't win?  A great fun story with a sweet resolution!  

 Sparky!  By Jenny Offill

Our narrator wants a pet and her mom agrees, so long as said pet doesn't need to be walked, fed or bathed.  After some research at the local library, our plucky narrator comes home with Sparky, a sloth.  A great story of how someone isn't exactly what you expect them to be.  I would pair this with David LaRochelle's wonderful The Best Pet of All or Peggy Rathmann's award winning Officer Buckle and Gloria