Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Great Picture Book Overload!

Our new book display is overflowing with so many good picture books!  Here is just a sampling of what I have loved and love sharing!

Peanut Butter & Jellyfish by Jarrett Krosocka (famous for the Lunch Ladies, but won my heart with Punk Farm)

Seahorse Peanut Butter and his pal Jelly Fish have a great life in the sea, with the exception of their dealings with Crabby, the neighborhood bully.  The guys change his attitude by treating him with kindness.  A great read!  For storytime I would pair this with Selfish Crocodile or Doctor Desoto. 

Silver Button by Bob Graham
Many wonderful things happen as Jodie's baby brother takes his first steps.  A sweet story with matching pictures.  A unique concept and a great way to introduce coincidence and the passage of time. 

Locomotive by Brian Floca

This winner of this year's Caldecott Medal and a Sibert Honor, Locomotive does not disappoint.  Illustrator Brian Floca meticulously shows what is was like to travel in the 1860s on the transcontinental railroad.  Detailed information accompanies Floca's trademark precise illustrations. A great book to share with non-fiction readers or truck and train buffs.  In fact, all of Floca's work would appeal to them.  My personal favorite, Lightship

Go! Go! Go! Stop! By Charise Mericle Harper

Little Green knows only one word- Go!  He has the construction crew working double time to finish the bridge- Go! Go! Go!  But things are getting crazy!  How will everyone learn to slow down or stop!  This read is great fun and was a big hit in my toddler time! This would be an excellent companion to the books of Steve Light or Byron Barton that are popular with toddlers in the truck and train crowd. 

Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara

From the author/illustrator of Ghosts in the House is this sweet and simple story of a night time library staffed by some helpful owls. Illustrations are linocut and feature one or two colors.  A great addition to the not so scary Halloween collection.  I would even pair this with Library Lion or Bedtime is Canceled at Pajama Stories! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday is the Best day!

I love Tuesdays because I have my baby program followed by my toddler program.  They are both super fun and high energy.  I like to keep my programs, especially my toddler program very structured.  We do a lot of rhymes, songs, and finger plays and then I always read at least one book, sometimes two, depending on the  crowd.  It surprises me that parents are very anxious about book reading to babies, worried that if they aren't looking at every picture or looking right at you, something is wrong or they are not ready.  I feel like its never too early to read to your baby.  My mantra is everyone will pay attention, they just won't all do it at the same time. Today, we read some great books!

Mama Cat has three kittens by Denise Fleming an American illustrator who often uses paper college in her bright and lively art and focus on Fleming's love of nature.  Mama Cat has three kittens, Fluffy, Skinny and Boris.  Fluffy and Skinny are obedient and do what ever Mama asks.  Boris on the other hand is a bit of an odd duck, funny and marching to the beat of his own drum.   A simple, sweet story with lots of repetition and many avenues for conversations about cats and their habits, counting and more.  

I Like it When by Mary Murphy Bright primary colors and simple text convey the story of little penguin and her caregiver and how they share time together with chores and fun activities.  I love these books for they simple conversations they start amongst my group.  The ending with a kiss goodnight is sweetly familiar to all. 

It's always a fun day!