Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking

Moxie has big plans for this  summer, her last before high school- exploring the city of Boston (unsupervised) with her friend and trusty side kick Ollie. Moxie's plans are abruptly changed when a stranger appears on her doorstep claiming to be a representative of Sully Cupcakes, a dangerous criminal and former "business associate" of Moxie's Grandpa, who she lovingly refers to as Grumps.  The mysterious stranger wants Sully's property returned, or else. 

Unfortunately, Grumps now suffers from Alzheimer's and is not revealing any clues.  Could Grumps know where the art stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is hidden? 

Moxie and Ollie set out to find the truth and over 14 days race across Boston, tangle with dangerous criminals, break into some historical landmarks, and deal with their own family dynamics. 

I also enjoyed the setting of Boston and the storyline surrounding one of the cities biggest real life mysteries.  Boston itself feels like a character. 

Some may say some of the plot lines are a bit far fetched, but not me, I think the strong characters portrayed here and great writing  make it all pretty plausible. 

Light hearted, fun and fast paced, Moxie kept me on the edge of my seat.  She is smart and funny and completely lives up to her name and reminiscent of Harriet the Spy or Sammy Keyes. This is a perfect book for someone who loves adventure and is maybe not ready for likes of Kiki Strike. 

I found this in the teen section but I would recommend it to good 5th or 6th grade readers.  Especially ones visiting Boston!

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