Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picture Book Pile!

So, I haven't posted in a little while, but I have been scouting library shelves and reading books!  

Here are a bunch of the JPs I have recently enjoyed and can't wait to share in a story-time soon!

Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas is a great, fun story/song for pajama stories!  

In the great tradition of Sandra Boynton this story features silliness, a song, cartoony fun illustrations and happy ending to get everyone ready for some sweet dreams! 

 Oh! What a Surprise by Suzanne Bloom

 Goose, Bear and Squirrel- the stars ( I am big fans of all three) of Bloom's A Splendid Friend, Indeed, Treasure and What About Bear? are back!  Bloom's sweet simple drawings and storyline create a warmhearted and fun story about the joy of giving as well as receiving.  So sweet! 

Read to Tiger 
by S.J. Fore and illustrations by R.W. Alley

When you are trying to read, a tiger, no matter how fun or friendly, behind your couch, playing with trains or doing karate can be rather distracting.  

This is an excellent, fun new addition to my story time collection and a great companion to other quirky animal books like Diane Goode's Tiger Trouble or Michelle Knudsen's The Library Lion .

Lemonade in Winter
by Emily Jenkins with illustrations by G. Brian Karas

One of my favorite authors have teamed up with one of favorite illustrators (you should see the drawing he did for me when he signed my copy of Home on the Bayou) to create a story about a brother and sister and their February lemonade stand.  They show the nay-sayers, stick together and have a good time and a special treat with the profit. 

Karas' sweet illustrations and Jenkin's plot of sibling team-work also teaches some great, simple lessons about counting money- an excellent teaching tool for us visual learners.  

Proof that lemonade and teamwork are tasty in any season! 


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