Monday, February 25, 2013

Kiki Strike: The Darkness Dwellers

I absolutely love this series!  I came across the first Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City quite by accident one Saturday while working at the Nanuet Library and have been a huge fan ever since! 

 Ananka, Betty, Luz, Oona and Kiki Strike make up the Irregulars, a group of talented, creative geniuses.  In Book one, the girls ventured deep underground to save New York City.  Book two features Oona's evil twin and an exhibit at the Met. Now in book three, the girls are thrust into a fast paced international mystery with Betty and Kiki jetting of Paris and Kiki traveling to her home country of Pokrovia to attempt once again that her aunt murdered her parents and that she is the rightful princess of their homeland.  

I love that Ananka's witty commentary and continuity of all five girls flows superbly through all three novels. Kirsten Miller has created all of the Irregulars to be funny, smart, well developed characters, learning from their mistakes, sometimes struggling to get along and kicking butt to get the job done!

I recommend this series to both girls and guys who appreciate humor, action, smart people, sarcasm, espionage, teenage masterminds and a good story!

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