Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Mean Mike by Michelle Knudsen

It's getting to be library award season and my very own award for the funniest picture book of 2012 goes to Michelle Knudson and illustrator Scott Magoon for Big Mean Mike. 

Knudsen, known for her picture book The Library Lion (close to my heart for the obvious reason as well as, for the fact that its really great!) had me laughing out loud at Mike, a big, tough guy, proud of his reputation of being an intimidator.

That is of course, until he makes friends with some cute, fluffy bunnies!  Who doesn't love cute fluffy bunnies?  Not even big, mean Mike can resist their cuteness. Mixed in the fun is the lesson that even the most different of creatures can be good friends and that maybe keeping up your image isn't always necessary!  What a great storytime book this will make!


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